Now that you built your website, NOW WHAT?

How do you get traffic, sales, and conversions?
How do you tell the search engines you exist?
How do you tell your customers you exist?

Now What Project Update - $60,000 in 6 Months

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
I am so excited about today!

First, I am no longer sick. YAY!!

Second, we have a new webinar today!

I will be doing an update on our Now What Project and showing you how we created over $60,000 in sales in about 6 months with our new online store.

I hope you will join me at 1:00 PM Eastern!

You can sign up now by going to:

Third, how are you doing with your 30 day challenge? I unfortunately am getting a late start on this because I was so sick but... that is not going to stop me. Don't let it stop you either!! If you miss a day... keep going!

All of this is to help you gain more traffic, sales, and higher conversions :)